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2012 National Animal Law Competitions at UCLA Law!

UCLA School of Law

UCLA Law School is honored to announce that we will be hosting the National Animal Law Competitions (NALC) in the spring of 2012! This prestigious national competition has been held successfully at Harvard Law School for the past 8 years, but Harvard’s prediction of building construction constraints next spring became our wonderful opportunity to bring students from law schools all around the country to compete here at UCLA Law. The Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark, in collaboration with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, has a history of designing thoughtful and timely legal problems that involve all kinds of animal law issues. And, importantly, this event brings together students, practitioners, and judges to consider these important topics. The final round of competition will be open to the public and will give all of us in the Los Angeles area an unusual opportunity to hear the competition finalists present to distinguished judges their arguments about an interesting animal law problem.



When Art Meets Activism

Visitors to our site may have noticed the lovely dedication added to our right sidebar, posted with the gracious permission of its author, writer and performer Katya Lidsky:

In memory of the animals who do not make it, in honor of those still suffering, and in hope of those we might be able to help. We hear you.

These moving words appeared in the program of Katya’s amazing one-woman play I’m Sorry: How an Apologist Found Her Voice, which is playing in an extended run through May 22 at The Lounge Theatre in Los Angeles. I’m Sorry tells the story of “how a people-pleasing apologist became an animal-loving activist.” We highly recommend the production and give it four out of four paws!

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Introducing the UCLA PAW REVIEW!

Logo for the UCLA Paw ReviewThe UCLA Animal Law Program is pleased to announce its new regular feature, the UCLA Paw Review! The UCLA Paw Review is our take on the traditional legal publishing format of the law review.

Our version, however, will not only include regular posts on laws affecting animals, but will also include summaries of suggested reading materials, legislative alerts for proposed legislation that affects animals, interviews, and even fun content such as movie and book reviews (with, of course, a paw rating system). We hope you will enjoy it!

I dedicate this week’s reading suggestion to animal advocates everywhere who work so tirelessly to save and make better lives for animals. Because animal advocates aim to challenge the status quo, a world in which the exploitation and killing of animals is accepted legally and morally as “necessary,” the reality of the violence witnessed by advocates is often denied and dismissed as extremist exaggeration. For advocates, then, I highly recommend the article Trauma, Law, and Advocacy for Animals [PDF], which was written by our own UCLA Law Professor Taimie Bryant. The article discusses the trauma animal advocates experience from repeated exposure to legally sanctioned violence against animals and proposes legal reform initiatives that may counter-balance traumatizing forms of advocacy and build the social context for addressing violence against animals.

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Heartfelt Thanks to Mr. Bob Barker

Bob BarkerThe UCLA Animal Law Program owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Mr. Bob Barker for his unwavering support for the field of animal law and his generous endowment gift to UCLA Law School, which funds events such as our upcoming workshop, Saving Animals’ Lives Through Shelter Rescue, on June 18, 2011.

Mr. Barker is a true friend to all animals, directly speaking out on their behalf and assisting others to do the same. The field of animal law has been shaped by his many personal and professional contributions to the field. He has sponsored legislation to help animals of all kinds, engaged in litigation over abuses of animals in entertainment, and supported the efforts of others to enforce existing animal protection laws as well as to enact new ones. He is as generous with his time as he is with his financial support, providing encouragement and advice to all people and organizations interested in protecting animals.

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Saving Animals’ Lives Through Shelter Rescue

Saving Animals’ Lives Through Shelter Rescue

We are pleased to announce our first event! We invite members of the animal rescue community to attend a day-long workshop on Saving Animals’ Lives Through Shelter Rescue on June 18, 2011. The workshop will focus on discussions of legal issues pertaining to shelter animal rescue, how to work closely with shelter managers/employees to achieve the best results for animals, and strategies to address the challenges that arise from increased use of social media in animal rescue.

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Welcome to the official website of the UCLA Animal Law Program. Our goal in creating this site is to provide a space where individuals interested in the impact of laws on animals and legal advocacy to protect animals can find information about events hosted by the UCLA Animal Law Program and news on issues affecting animals. We intend this space to be an open forum; however, we ask that care be taken to ensure that posts shared here are not threatening or offensive.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting some of you at one of our upcoming events!

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